–River Swimming Areas

Southern Oregon Swimming Area

Here are some of our favorite swims spots in Southern Oregon. We would like to remind you to always keep an eye on children when swimming in the river and be mindful of the currents, know you your swim capabilities. Our rivers are wonderful, but also unpredictable, like any wild and natural thing! Swim at your own risk, and have fun!


Cantrall Buckley

is a great spot to take the family for a day at the river. The best spot at Cantrell Buckley is the day use area, right before you get to the bridge. The reason why this spot is so great is that there is so much variety in the location. The main spot right under the bridge has small rocks to jump off, and often times a rope swing. There is also a great area for really little ones where the current has been slowed by a large rock wall and has essentially created a “kiddie pool”. If you walk up the path you will find a larger sandy beach area with little to no rapids in the river, this is great if you’re looking to relax and hang out in the water. If you have any kind of floatation, you can walk up the path even further to the river and ride the small but still exciting rapids to the bridge day use area.

Mckee Bridge

McKee Bridge

is a fun swimming location, the current is relatively slow and there isn’t much curve to the river bed, making it easy to keep an eye on the little ones. The main attraction of this swimming spot is the large rocks on the other side of the river, with a rope swing hanging from the trees there. On any summer day you will find many daredevils jumping off the cliffs and swing into the cool waters 50ft below.

illinois river

Illinois River

is a beautiful way to spend a summer day, with sandy beaches, deep green swimmable pools and jumping rocks. Driving along the Illinois River you will find many beach and day use areas! Bring your picnic lunch and find one that suits you!


South Umpqua Falls

are nature’s waterslide! Here shallow waters flow over smooth and slippery bedrock and drop into a 15 foot deep pool of water. You will enjoy spending the day coming up with creative and new ways to slide down this exciting stretch of the South Umpqua River. This is an alcohol free park and trespassing on the fish ladder is illegal!


Griffin Park

along the Rogue River is a nice park with a playground. The bank is mostly rock and pebbles, but is a great swim spot for the family. Bring and picnic and a floaty, the Jet Boat Excursions frequently drive past and create fun waves to ride!

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If you are looking for more swim holes in Southern Oregon make sure and download the “Oregon’s Swimming Holes” app! We love it! It uses your location to find an awesome swimming hole near you and gives you all the information you need for that swimming spot, including water quality, litter and water currents! If you are looking to find hidden swim gems in Oregon, this app will be your best friend!