37737821_sAs a homeowner, keeping your house well-maintained and in top condition is a major priority. This is never truer than if you are a landlord renting out your investment property. As a landlord, it is important to stay in touch with your rental properties. A property management company can help to make this easier and less stressful, but there are still certain maintenance projects that you need to be thinking about throughout the year.

This time of year the number one thing to consider about your rental home is the roof. Late summer and early fall are the perfect times of year for roof maintenance, before any serious weather arrives and your roof tells you that it needs maintenance by way of a leak.

Here are some things to discuss when scheduling your rental property for roof maintenance:

  • Cleaning the gutters. The gutters of a home are basically a protective measure to fight against flooding. When it rains, the gutters route the water away from the foundation of the home so that the foundation, basement, and crawlspace are not flooded. You’ve seen the water run down the downspout and the shoot out the lip on the bottom. If the downspout was not there, the water would come down the downspout and puddle, eventually cause a flood. Keeping the gutters clear of leaves, sticks, and other debris is essential to the gutter system being able to effectively route the water.
  • Walk the roof. It is difficult to truly see any damage or problem areas without actually getting up on top of the roof. Shingles can curl up and buckle, a clear sign of needing replacement, but that is difficult to see from the ground. Maintenance must include actually getting up on top of the roof and walking the lines to check for damage or areas that need repair.
  • Chimney, skylights, and vents. Any areas on your roof, where the roof has been cut out to make room, need to be checked thoroughly. There are measures take to seal off the area around these additions, and it is important to maintain that. For instance, flashing, sealants, and covers must be checked regularly to make sure they are not damaged. Even the smallest leak will cause significant damage if left long enough without repair.

Keeping in touch with your rental properties and providing regular maintenance is the best way to protect your investment. Use this time of year to schedule roof maintenance on your home, and avoid significant problems this fall.