18568570_sWhether you own your home and are looking to put it on the market, or you own your home and you rent it out, you know the importance of maintaining the value.

One of the major ways to retain the value of your home, is to keep the aesthetics and the functionality of the home in-tact. One part of your home that embodies both the aesthetics and functionality is your garage door.

Your garage door is a good portion of the curb appeal of your home as it is a major piece of the exterior of your home.

It is also the largest point of access to your home, making the functionality and security of the garage door extremely important.

Installing a new garage door can be a stressful experience if you weren’t expecting to have to do it. Luckily, there are some signs that your garage door will give that tell you it is time to schedule maintenance or have a new door installed.

Some of those signs are:

  • When the garage door opens and closes, if there are significant creaks, pops, clicks, and signs of straining – it is definitely time to schedule a maintenance appointment and inspection. These are signs that the door needs to be calibrated and the runners and springs need grease.
  • When you are pulling into your driveway and you look at your garage door, if you notice any signs that it is sagging or bending then it is likely off-balance and when you open or close the door it could damage other parts of the system.
  • If your energy bills are suddenly very high this could be a sign that your garage door is not as energy-efficient as it was before and you should probably consider having it replaced with a newer model that works more efficiently
  • If you push the button on your remote and the garage door is slow to respond or it doesn’t respond at all, it is likely that the system needs some maintenance and you should call and schedule an appointment.

Addressing issues that your garage door is having sooner than later is the best way to avoid a malfunction that leaves you and your car stuck inside of the garage because the garage door won’t open.