The winter season causes some serious challenges and dangers for homeowners. This is true whether you live in your home, rent it out or have it up for sale.

The severe weather and storms that are indicative of the winter season include things like rain, snow, high winds, thunder and lightening.

Each of these weather systems can cause some serious damage to your home and property. Thankfully, there are some maintenance tips that you can follow or, provide to your tenants to protect your home from serious winter weather damage.

Here are a few of the top ways you can make sure your home fairs the winter weather:

  • Be sure to never set your thermostat to anything lower than 69 degrees. It may be tempting to turn off the heat, but in the unfortunate event of a quick temperature drop – your pipes are in danger of freezing completely!
  • Do your best to keep all doors to various rooms in your property open. This allows for proper air flow, ensuring that your home is evenly heated and appropriately balanced when it comes to circulation and ventilation!
  • Stay up to date with furnace filters. Keep track of when your furnace will need a new filter and contact our maintenance department for a new one! A new filter traps dust and keeps the heat in your home regulated and functioning efficiently.
  • Make sure your property’s doors and windows are properly insulated. Poor insulation leads to more opportunities for Jack Frost to sneak in, causing you to turn up your heat, and spend more money! Cut heating costs and extra stress by sealing doors and windows efficiently.
  • Keep the exterior of your property well maintained. Excess leaves and trees branches left in the yard of your property make snow and ice removal difficult and leave you at a disadvantage!

Make sure that your home makes it through the winter weather without a scratch by following these simple tips for winter weather maintenance. While each season has it’s own weather than can be damaging to your home – nothing is quite like a southern Oregon winter.