19196448_sOn any given day in this County there are thousands of people packing and planning their move. They may be moving into a bigger home across town or, out of an apartment and into a townhouse in an entirely new city. Here are some of the more common reasons that inspire a move to a new home:

Buy a house. If you have been a renter for years and have finally been able to purchase a house moving is an exciting time. There is no need to rent a place any more, you are now a homeowner.

Relationship. Whether you have gotten married and are consolidating houses or, you have ended a long-term relationship with a live-in partner changes in your personal life can inspire a move.

Jobs. Probably the number one reason people move is because of career changes. This is especially true over the last five years as people have had to expand the area that they are job hunting in.

New environment. This could be true within the same city or in a whole different state. Sometimes people are born and raised in one city and have a desire to explore other parts of the state and so they move. Other times, a young couple has had a child or two and would like to move from one part of town to an area that is better suited for raising a family. Also, if you are a renter you might just want to move from a rental apartment to a rental house.

Financial difficulties. This is a stressful reason to move but unfortunately it does happen all too often. When someone loses a job or is demoted or there is an impact to the household income in some way the rent or mortgage is often looked at in an effort to reduce the monthly bills. This could mean selling a home and renting or, renting a large home and moving to a smaller one.

Downsizing. Whether you own a home or are renting downsizing can happen at any time. Usually, this happens after children have grown and moved out. But, it could happen if you worked from home and have since gone to work in an office or, if you lived near family and had overnight guests often but, now live far from family and won’t need a guest room.

Regardless of the reason for the move, the process can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. The most important part is finding the place that is going to be your next home and getting settled in.