Fishing in Southern Oregon

One of the greatest outdoor activities southern Oregon has to offer is its world class fishing. The two fish most legendary and most sought after in our area are Salmon and Steelhead.  These fish are world renown for their vigorous fight and their delicious taste, not to mention the health benefits of eating fresh fish. The two most prominent Rivers offering Salmon and Steelhead near Jacksonville are the Rogue and the Applegate rivers. These rivers offer incredible productivity as well as incredible beauty. Between the two rivers, they offer views of snowcapped mountains, canyons, and the Table Rocks. Plenty of wildlife including bear, deer, and the occasional elk can be found near these waters.  The Rogue River boasts a large number of steelhead and salmon moving up its waters every year as well as a steady trout population throughout each season. The Applegate River is a smaller stream that averages 720 cfs over the course of the year.

 If fished at the opportune time, it is one of the greatest Steelhead fisheries on the west coast. Tales of a single fly fisherman catching over a dozen Steelhead in a single day on the Applegate are not necessarily “fish stories”. The Applegate Steelhead season starts January 1st and ends before the 1st of April. Be sure to check the rules and regulations before fishing any body of water in Oregon. Whether you’re interested in catching Trout, Steelhead, or Salmon in the rivers, or catching Bass, Perch, Blue Gill, or other assorted lake fish, Southern Oregon offers something for everyone!

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