1. Low Vacancy rates: Our average down time is 4 days between tenants. Aggressive advertising on over 140 websites combined with showing properties 7 days a week, yield low vacancies.

2. Thorough Screening We thoroughly screen every prospective tenant using credit history, eviction history, criminal history, rent history, employment verification, references and more.

3. Skilled Maintenance We know all of our properties inside and out and handle all the maintenance issues promptly with minimal cost. Twice a year we do complete interior maintenance inspections.

4. Expert Knowledge of the law We are schooled in the Fair Housing Act and Landlord Tenant law. We use this knowledge to benefit our owners and tenants.

5. Experience & Communications We manage over 200 properties with a depreciated staff that has expertise and experience in all aspects of advertising, accounting, law, tenant services, maintenance, property management and we pride ourselves on our process to insure great communications with our owners.