365395_sWhile this time of year is not traditionally the most popular time for selling a home, for some people it is necessary. For instance, a new job for the New Year that moves you out of town. Or, a new baby born that sets you over the comfortable capacity for your current home.

There are plenty of reasons that people need to sell a home during the winter, and while it is not a popular time, it is still possible to do so.

The winter season brings the chaos of the holidays, unpredictable weather patterns, and FEWER homes for sale. This means that selling a home during the winter months could be a real benefit as your home will naturally stand out with less competition.

Here are some additional tips for selling your home during the winter months:

  • Hire a stager to come in and configure your home in a way that accentuates the selling points. Because you will have fewer people looking at your home it is important to make the best impression possible on every one of them. Use pictures of the home taken during the warm months for marketing flyers and ads. If your home is vacant, make sure to turn the thermostat up to make it warm and cozy when potential buyers come in.
  • Make sure that your home is priced right. This is an important part of your relationship with your realtor. He or she should be able to give you a selling price range that is researched and supported by other comparable homes that have sold in that neighborhood.
  • If the winter weather is especially harsh, make sure that the sidewalks, driveway, and patio around the home are clear of ice and snow. If necessary, have someone come and salt the walking areas around the home to ensure everything is safe and inviting.
  • The winter months can be very dark so make sure there is plenty of indoor and outdoor lighting when you are showing the house. If your house is vacant, come in and check to make sure that all lighting is working. Replace light bulbs that are burnt out, and add lighting anywhere you can. If you do hire a stager, make sure he or she pays special attention to proper lighting as the weather is dark.

It might seem like an impossible feat but, selling a home in the winter months can happen. With the right real estate team and these tips above, you can sell your home and move onto your next chapter in no time.