36235050_sThe summer season is a favorite time of year for people to move, whether it’s buying a new home or, moving into another rental, the nice weather and break from school make these months the best time of year for re-locating. As a landlord, this is a good time to do some upkeep and maintenance to your property. Here are some suggestions:

Lighting: Outdoor lighting often gets ignored because we don’t interact with it every day. However, have a well-lit landscape in the evening can deter intruders and pests from making their way on to your property. These lights are also a source for a lot of electricity to be wasted so, taking this time to replace the bulbs with those that are more energy-efficient can save money.

Windows and ducts: This is the time of year that everyone either has their windows opened or, has their air conditioner running – most likely both are happening. For this reason it is important to make sure that the windows and ducts of your rental are sealed up and air tight. When the air conditioner is running, having windows and ducts that allow cold air to escape and hot air to come inside can cause the air conditioner to have to work twice as hard leading to the motor burning out sooner and needing to be replaced.

Gutters: During the spring and fall seasons there can still be severe storms that cause a lot of debris to fill up the gutters. If the gutters are not draining properly, the foundation of the home will flood and could sustain significant water damage. During the summer the contents of the gutters will dry out and is easily removed. Take this break during the summer to have the gutters on your home cleaned so that when fall hits, your home is protected from water damage.

Outdoor walkways: The walkway from your car to your front door is an especially important path to keep cleaned, clear, and free from cracks and overgrown brush. Not only can this provide the perfect cover for burglars, it also can cause you or members of your household to trip and fall. There are very few times in the week when you walk from the car to the front door carrying nothing – keep the walkway clear and without cracks or uneven cement to prevent injury.

If you are a landlord you know that the summer time is a busy time, add these few suggestions to your list of things to do and get your property rented early so you can enjoy the rest of the season!