46394816_sSince most kitchens get more use during this season than any other, it is important to take the steps necessary to get your appliances, fixtures, and pipes ready. During the summer months, many people cook outdoors but, still do a lot of prep and clean-up in the kitchen.

Kitchen plumbing takes a real beating all year around but, especially during the cold weather. Not only do most homes have more people in them this time of the year but, the weather can be very hard on a home’s plumbing system.

Whether you are looking for a home to buy or, you are looking forward to having company over in the coming weeks these are a few tips for areas of the plumbing system to check:

  • In the bathrooms it is important to check and make sure that the toilets are working properly. Flush the handle of each toilet and listen to make sure it evacuates water and then fills back up again. Also listen to see if the sink makes any kind of gurgling noise when the toilet flushes as this could be a sign of a sewage back up. Lift the lid on the back of the toilet and take a peek to make sure all components are in place and working properly.
  • Run the water at the kitchen sink and use the produce sprayer. Look for any signs of leaking from around the faucets or the hose of the sprayer. If there is a water filtration system, make sure to check it as well. While water is running in the sink, use the garbage disposal and make sure that is runs smoothly. Check to see that the dishwasher is in good working order by opened in the door on the appliance and look inside.
  • Water heater. If it has been awhile since the water heater tank was drained, this is a good time to schedule that appointment. The water heater tank could be filled with sediment that is preventing the heating element from working properly. Draining the sediment out will make the water heater run much more efficiently.

Each of these little checks won’t take much time but, will save you a lot of stress and money. Make sure that your plumbing system is in good shape and ready for the cold weather that is upon us. Having a plumbing emergency this time of year can be a real hassle.