Hiring the Right Property Management Company in Oregon
NunanProperty oversight is no small matter. Whether you own and rent a single family home or manage multiple, commercial office strips, we know you do not have time to worry about maintenance and upkeep. We also know these things have to be attended to by someone, otherwise your rentals will remain vacant, and that is not good.

By hiring a property management company, you are free to do more important things for your business, such as acquire new clients, and expand your rental network. The right firm, granted the one you choose meets the requisite qualifications, will handle everything from leasing, maintenance, and invoice processing. After all, you are entrusting a major part of your business and essentially placing your brand’s status in the hands of a third party.

Nothing ruins cash flow like a property management company that has a poor reputation in the neighborhood. You will find there are many of these businesses in Oregon, some that will offer low management fees. Never base your decision on price alone. Quality of service and a willingness to collaborate with you, the owner, on all aspects of the property(s) should be their primary concern.

What to Check before Signing the Agreement
Credentials – the property management firm should be a member of at least one accredited organization like the National Apartment Association. This prerequisite alone will help filter out shady prospects.

Ongoing training – be up front about how the business trains its employees. Do they have a designated program in place, and how high is their turnover rate? Remember, these are the individuals you will rely on to clean, maintain, and represent your commercial interests.

Legal standards – first, the business should be a member of the BBB and have a solid record of accomplishment of success (e.g. very few customer complaints). You should verify if they had any problems complying with government regulations.

In order for your business to be successful, it needs to have a solid foundation. Take the time to evaluate the various property management companies in Oregon before prior to making a commitment. At Expert Property Management, we take your interests to heart.