13097774_sHaving rental property is a great investment – if you have tenants. While the rental market is good right now, there are a lot of people looking for just the right rental as opposed to just a place to rent. It is important to keep your rental property looking attractive and in competition with the other properties like it.

While rental price is still a main factor for whether or not a property gets rented, statistics have proven time and again that a rental will stay unrented for a longer period of time if it has not been maintained. Here are some things you can do to improve the look of your rental property:

Curb appeal. Maintaining and adding landscaping is a sure fire way to improve the look of your rental property. Take a look at the other homes in and around your rental to get ideas for how they look and if there are any particular plants or shrubs that you would like to plant. Keep the yard mowed while the property is up for rent. Pull weeds and plants flowers that have bright colors when they bloom.

Stage it. When renters tour a property they mentally think about where they will place their belongings inside of the home. So, make sure your rental is free from your personal items and clutter. A potential renter could feel very uncomfortable walking through a home where someone else is living and have a hard time imagining themselves living there. Take down family photos and give the home a blank slate kind of a feel.

Fresh paint. After previous tenants move out and before you begin showing the property, add a fresh coat of paint to the walls to spruce up the look and make it feel clean. Take care around the light fixtures and door and window frames so the paint job doesn’t look rushed or hurried, which could turn off renters. Stick to neutral tones but, don’t just paint everything bright white – use some different hues that are warm and inviting.

Clean floors. Whether there is carpet, hardwood, or linoleum make sure that the floors are professionally cleaned before new renters begin touring the property. Clean around the molding and edge of the carpet and repair any tears, holes, or burn marks in the flooring. If there has been any water damage in the kitchen or bathroom, have the flooring and sub-flooring replaced.

Your rental property is an investment, protect it by keeping it well maintained and attracting tenants that will help you to take care of it while they live there.