39337284_sSeptember is back-to-school season for many families throughout the Country. Not only does this mean school-aged children going back to school but, also recent high school graduates going off to college. Part of the process of going to college is finding a place to live. While some students choose to live on campus, others decide to rent a place off campus with friends or, same-aged family members.

Whether you are a home owner with rentals or, you are a college student or parent of a college student looking for a rental, here are some areas of the home to check when doing a walk through:

  • Do all of the toilets in the home flush easily? As you are walking through a rental, flush each of the toilets to make sure that the handle is in good condition and works properly. Look around the floor of the toilet to make sure there isn’t any leaking or, standing water. Check the fan in the bathroom to make sure that it works and the bathroom is properly ventilated.
  • Do all of the plumbing fixtures in the home turn on and off? Check each of the plumbing fixtures to make sure that the water pressure is strong. Also, check the hot water to see how long it takes to heat up, and make sure that when the fixtures are turned off nothing leaks. Check the shower heads to make sure the water pressure is strong. If there is a garbage disposal or a dishwasher, check to make sure they both run and turn on/off easily.
  • Do any of the rooms in the home have an odor? This is true especially for the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry rooms. These rooms all have running water in them and the smell could be coming from the plumbing or, a leak. When you walk through the house, be mindful of how it smells and if the smell is worse in any one area than others.

Starting a college journey can be very exciting. If you plan on renting off campus, make sure to follow these tips to ensure that the rental you live in will serve you well through your college career.