40300682_sWhether you are a home owner or, a renter the summer months are a great time for maintenance tasks around the house. Not only does maintenance of your home and landscaping help to keep things looking good, it also help to prevent major disasters from happening. When you take the time to perform maintenance tasks, often times you will find small issues that can be repaired before they escalate.

Here are some common summer time maintenance tasks that you can do:

  • Make sure that your ceiling fans are spinning in the right direction for optimal cooling of your home. This helps to leverage the cold air that is coming from your air conditioner and gives your HVAC system a bit of a break. Don’t forget to dust the blades of your ceiling fans as well to avoid drag which can cause the motor to work harder than necessary.
  • Clean the vent in your dryer after every load. The US Fire Administration estimates that 16,000 house fires occur annually due to dirty dryer vents. The lint in the dryer vent actually works like kindling for fires and can catch fire very easily. The vent and the trap that it sits in should be thoroughly cleaned after every load of clothes that you dry.
  • After the kids play in the backyard or, any family barbeques are over, make sure to clean up all articles, toys, tools, and laundry from the backyard. These items can cause serious injury if run over by the lawn mower on accident, or damage to your sprinkler system if they get caught on a sprinkler head.
  • The summer months is the perfect time to have the gutters around your home cleaned out. During the fall leaves and debris accumulate in your rain gutters and once the debris dries out it is important to get it cleaned out so that it doesn’t blow around your property or, clog your rain gutters when the winter months arrive.
  • Spending time relaxing on the deck is a favorite activity during the summer months. However, it is important to keep your deck looking good and well-maintained to make sure that no injuries occur while you and your friends or family are on the deck. Repair damaged boards, make sure all nails are flush, and apply sealant on a regular basis to avoid any splintering

Use this simple maintenance checklist to keep your home or property looking good and problem-free this summer so that you can enjoy the rest of the warm days, without worry!