Smart technology is quickly becoming a trend when it comes to apartment units. As more and more people are becoming more and more tech savvy, they also expect their living quarters to be able to live up to their lifestyle. If you have an apartment building and would like to provide a more technologically advanced amenities for your renters, here are some ideas that you can apply.
Key Fobs

For one, you can install keyless entry on the apartment doors and units. These key fob entry systems are often better than having actual keys which are quite bulky and heavy on the pockets. Some doors also won’t close without these key fobs, so renters won’t be able to leave the house without them, thus minimizing the risk of them leaving or losing their keys. Key fobs also allow the renter to access other amenities in your apartment building, and at the same time can be programmed to prohibit people from entering restricted areas. Aside from doors, key fobs can also be used on elevators. All you have to do is to wave your key fob on the elevator sensor, and the elevator will take you up to your floor immediately without the need to press any buttons whatsoever.

Smart Phone Controlled Devices
Another thing that makes a tech savvy apartment unit is that if most of the items there can be controlled with a remote control. But what’s better than that is that you can actually use your smart phones as the remote. There are many apps that allow you to do this, and with it you can control the thermostat settings, turn light switches on and off and more. Landlords can set up an account with such app developers and then share it or require their renters to download the app for them to be able to use it.

Automated Billing and Payment
One of the things that many people like is being able to pay their bills using their smart phones, and with the recent advances in technology and banking, they can do so with their groceries, utility bills and even apartment dues. They simply have to key in some pass codes and immediately transfer money from their bank accounts to your accounts fast and easy.
Installing smart technology like these will not only make your apartment units look more appealing to renters, but also help to make their apartment living a much more convenient experience.